Why I Want to Spend More Time with Agencies that Target

1454278130_c3d0f87796As a Hubspot Channel Account Manager (and a human!), I only have so much time in a day. As we all do, I have choices about where to spend it. I'm involved in sales enablement, small group coaching, supporting a book of Hubspot Partners, speaking with prospective Hubspot partners, and of course, actually helping to sell Hubspot softwareI've resolved, I won't stop these activities, but I will narrow my focus. When doing them.... 

I want to spend more of my time with agencies that are serious about targeting

Here is why I'm doing it, and also how.

Why I'll be spending more time with agencies that target 

In my over 3 years working with agencies, I've gotten a pretty good sense of what makes an agency successful. Agencies that are growing tend to be very intentional about how they go to market. For instance, 60% of Hubspot Gold Partner's, among the most successful of Hubspot's agency partners, have defined an ideal client profile.  66% of Hubspot Gold Partners have chosen to specialize in one or more specific verticals.

Here are a few examples of successful partner agencies I work with that do exactly this.

Why Else?


I also want to work with agencies that target because it's personally the way I think about creating opportunities.

When I was looking for a new career opportunity 4 years ago, I didn't send out a stack of resumes nor hope for the ideal opportunity to find me through word of mouth. I came up with criteria, focused in on a very select group of companies, and used all the resources I had to get in front of my top target account, which happened to be Hubspot. Here I've been for the last four years. 

Building an agency through through non-targeted word of mouth, imperfectly targeted cold calling, or even broadly inconsistent inbound leads is the equivalent of job seeking through weak referrals and resume blasting. It's not a formula for long term success.

I get energized planning and executing target strategies and want to spend more time helping agencies who want do the same. 

How I want to spend time with agencies that target 


So I want to spend more time helping agencies that are serious about targeting. How? There are several ways I plan to do it. 

  • I want to help develop a sales playbook for agencies to run targeted sales campaign. Cold calling on target accounts is outdated. Social selling is great, but there is no overarching methodology. I'd like to develop a more comprehensive playbook and am working within small agency groups to do this.   
  • I'm on a mission to gather best practices from agencies doing a good job of targeting, whether they are Hubspot partner agencies or not, and share them. I'll be featuring agencies - and sales professionals - who are ahead of the targeting game and encouraging them to share their stories on this blog and in other formats. 
  • I'll be working with my Hubspot partner agencies on their targeting approaches and execution. If we work together and we haven't talked about your targeting approach we should. BTW, if you are my partner and you don't want to target, let's have a conversation about that as well. I have some thoughts for you:-).
  • Finally, I will be looking for non-Hubspot Partner agencies that are doing a good job of targeting and seeing if they want to explore how a Hubspot Partnership might help them do it even better. If you meet this description and are open to a conversation, contact me.

Your Turn 

Are you an agency that targets, Hubspot Partner or not? What stories do you have to share? ? Feel free to leave those or other thoughts in the comments below.

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