Refining selling skills is a primary focus for many Hubspot Partners and an activity that can signficantly improve your success as an agency.  It is also an area that can hold you back if you are not focusing on developing a process for selling retainers (which is signficantly different than selling project based work.) Use the resources below to help you get better at selling Inbound Marketing retainers.  

Advanced Sales Training Webinars

To start, review the Hubspot Advanced Sales Training webinar series.  This series is comprised of 8 hour long sessions covering topics from targeting to lead generation to running the first meeting to the contract and close.  It is the foundation for developing your sales process around retainers.   

Friday Group Sales Coaching

Looking for more training, including in a live and interactive format? Friday Group Sales Coaching runs approximately every other week and is based on Hubspot partners who volunteer active sales opportunities to discuss and review.  These are targeted to those who are relatively new to the Inbound Marketing sales process (but are open to all). If you are one of my partners and are interested in joining these calls, please sign up here.  

Find Me!

If you have an active Inbound Marketing sales pursuit, find me for help!  It is my job to help you effectively qualify and sell these opportunities.  I can help in all kinds of ways from accessing Hubspot case studies and references, to game-planning, to joining on calls as appropriate. 

Partner Success Workshop

Learn inbound selling skills and service delivery skills from existing Hubspot Partners.  The Partner Success Workshops run every other week on Thursdays.  These interactive sessions are run by Nick Sal, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Consultant (IMC). These session are restricted to current Huspot Partners. 

Lead Generation Resources

In addition to help on the sales process, most Hubspot Partners are looking for help generating qualified leads. While a lot of the effort towards this task is going to come from your own inbound marketing (and your own outbound marketing), the Hubspot Partner Program can help too.  The Hubspot Partner Program offers Hubspot ebooks with great Hubspot content to use on your site as lead generating offers.  To find these ebooks, follow the link under the Hubspot Partner All-In-One Resources below and then find the link to 'eBooks for Lead Generation'. These materials are restricted to Hubspot Partners with an active Hubspot license on their own site.  

Hubspot Partner All-In-One Resources Page

For even more Partner resources, see a full listing of resources at the Hubspot Partner All-in-One Resources Page