CMB Redux - How One Hubspot Partner is Advancing Sales Using the Content Marketers Blueprint


Back in June Kevin Jorgenson of Innovative Marketing Resources shared the 'Content Marketer's Blueprint' with the Hubspot Friday Sales Coaching Group. This past Friday, Rick Whittington, a Hubspot Partner who decided to give it a try after that call, joined us to talk about his experiences. Rick had some interesting things to say:

- How he uses the Content Marketers Blueprint (CMB) to qualify prospects
- How he charges for it
- How he used the CMB with an orthopedic firm to advance the sales process
- How he gathers inputs
- How he positions inbound marketing and Hubspot during the process
- His track record to date signing 2 clients and being on his way to a third

The recording of the call is below.
0 - 22:30 minutes - When and how a content plan fits into the overall sales process.
22:30 minutes onward - Rick discussing his use of the Content Marketers Blueprint

Enjoy! Please leave your thoughts and comments on the call below.


Your Turn


Have you used the Content Marketers Blueprint? Would you? Or do you do something different to develop a content plan during the sales process? When do you use a content plan (or NOT use it) during your sales process?  


Photo Credit: Sam Howzit


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