#Inbound13 - Blog Posts from Those Who Attended

#INBOUND13. 5,300 inbound marketers, fantastic keynote speakers, amazing second stage1150422 642451759112216 1865319188 n speakers, and individual sessions and networking that made Boston MA the center of the inbound universe for one week. 

Fortunately, many of the attendees blogged about their experiences. Hats off to them for sharing. Here is a collection. If I missed your blog post(s), apologies! Please add it to the comments section below. 

#Inbound13 Keynotes 

#InBound13: Arianna Huffington, From Politics to the Boardroom: Fearless Leadership… Or… How to Sleep your way to the Top - " ..honestly, to me she seems cold. Like Martha Stewart with an accent....Boy was I wrong." -@KSVTweets -  Tweet It

We are all Inbound Marketers: Seth Godin’s Inbound 13 Keynote - " I mean, the man basically pioneered inbound marketing in 1999, years before Hubspot, Moz or anyone else was even talking about it. If you want to become a full stack, inbound marketer then understanding the principles that Godin talks about are absolutely critical" - @danleibsonTweet It.

Seth Godin Delivers at INBOUND13 – It Was Awesome -"I ended up traveling overnight and arrived in Boston bleary eyed but determined...Was it worth it to torture myself in order to make it to the Seth talk? Absolutely." - @tyrona -  Tweet It

INBOUND13: Nate Silver’s Keynote - "All that being said Nate did a great job of presenting his talk and explaining the big data in a way that almost everyone could understand. Even me"- @AdelieStudios - Tweet It

Dharmesh Shah and Customer Delightion (Making Your Whole Business Inbound) - "Like Dharmesh, I’ll unflinchingly admit to being an introvert. It’s a source of pride and, to those who understand the definition, provides an interesting way to structure your understanding of that person’s thought process" - @mojomedialabs - Tweet It

Thoughts on @Dharmesh Shah and #Inbound13 - "However, the more 'inboundy' the leads got, the less effective was traditional training. Moreover, the trend toward sharing, transparency and free was the exact opposite of the 'hold back information until they buy' mentality." - @RainMakerMaker - Tweet it

Hubspot Partner Agency Keynote at #Inbound13 Recap -"After seeing the success that the partner program has been able to produce, Hubspot has decided to do away with this two channel approach and start blending the two channels into one unified front. This is a win-win-win for Hubspot, Hubspot customers, and partner agencies." - @GuavaBox - Tweet It

#Inbound13 Main Takeaways

#INBOUND13: TOP TAKEAWAYS FROM HUBSPOT'S INBOUND MARKETING CONFERENCE-  "Marketers must learn to speak the language of the customer they are working for to help them solve their problems." - @grassrootsinc - Tweet It

My Key Takeaways from Inbound13 - "I've been to a lot of conferences, and it's often difficult to go home with a central theme or takeaway that survives the parties and networking. That's not the case this year at HubSpot's Inbound 2013. The message is so palpable, it sticks to you like pine sap...." - @kuno - Tweet It

#Inbound13 Summarized in a Fortune Cookie - "There are many inspirations, confirmations, and insights that I took from #inbound13 this year and there are many blog posts bubbling under the surface as a result. So many in fact, that I had a hard time deciding which one to write first. Then it came to me, in the form of a fortune cookie." -@minetmarketing -Tweet It

Trapped in an Elevator – 3 Unexpected Things I Learned at #Inbound13 - "Immediately after the elevator stopped, everyone simultaneously and instinctively started making decisions that could directly affect theirs and everyone else’s future. The decision process went something like this..." - @inboundagent - Tweet It

Key Takeaways from Inbound 2013 - "For those of you that just want the 30,000 foot view, this blog post is for you!  Here are our key takeaways from Inbound 2013." -@rickwhittington -  Tweet It

#Inbound13 Other Thoughts

The Time to Humanize Your Business is Now: Updates From INBOUND13 -  "People don’t remember the pitch, they remember the experience.” - @csscenter - Tweet It

Heading outbound, but thinking inbound - Day 3 of #Inbound13 - "As the curtain closes on what has been a truly inspirational event, let’s take a look at the highlights of the last day at Inbound 2013, including those all important closing key note speakers." - @TracepointTweet It

#INBOUND13 Day One Recap: All The Info You Missed - "In the last eight years weird has become normal, making mass normal approaches even more ineffective." - @vocus - Tweet It

#Inbound13 and the Culture of Caring - "When they emailed to ask for my slides, I was taken aback. Slides? What slides?! I have no slides!! Everyone else will have slides. I am slide-less." - @spiver - Tweet It

Did you write a blog post on #Inbound13 that is missing above? Add it in the comments below. 


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