I Understand Why You Don't Want to Work Closely Together, But It’s Wrong

The email below is based on an actual email I wrote to a Hubspot Partner with whom I work.  If you pick up some frustration in my tone, you are correct, but keep in mind that it is in good faith. I'm sharing this because I've seen this before and wanted to bring it to attention. By they way, if you work with another Channel Account Manager here at Hubspot, you should work more closely with them for the same reasons I list here. My colleagues are good at what they do.  

Dear [Partner X], 

I was thinking about our call today and it left me a little uneasy.  I could be reading it wrong but I’m sensing you are hesitant to work closely together. Maybe you view it as a nuisance in the sales process, maybe you can sell deals without me, or maybe it feels like inviting somebody to look over your shoulder.  

I can understand these concerns, but ultimately it is wrong. You have aligned with Hubspot because you want to offer inbound and grow your firm. As you are lining up your first 3,5 or 10 inbound marketing retainers, you need my help more than ever. 

Here is why I want to work more with you.  You are smart, you hustle, you think systematically, you can bring good prospects to the table, and you can deliver.   Here is why you should want to work more with me: (In fact, to be blunt, you should want to have my email address bookmarked, my number on your speed dial, and want me to hold you accountable to your sales process and goals). 

- I’ve sold hundreds of inbound marketing deals and had literally thousands of inbound sales calls.  In short, I have a boatload of inbound selling experience.  

- I’ve developed a good ‘sense of smell’.  I'm not perfect, but I usually know when a deal is less solid than it appears or simply when to affirm that it is time to get down to business.  

- I know which verticals have killed inbound marketing and which have stunk.  I can help save you a lot of time chasing down bad prospects.  If I don't know, I can point you in the right direction.

- I have a darn good sales methodology behind me thanks to Hubspot and the VAR program.  I’ll support you with that methodology and keep you informed when other Partners are innovating on it with success - it happens a lot.  

- I have a huge team of talented individuals behind me. When I really understand your prospects’ buying criteria and real objections - and they are a fit - you’d be surprised by the resources I can pull together. 

- Team selling rocks.  It's more fun to sell together, especially when there is an interesting opportunity at hand. We should be breaking down opportunities together and learning from each others skills and experiences.

- I won’t cost you a dime. I'm paid on Hubspot software sales.

- And finally, lest you think our incentives are not aligned, I'm paid on Hubspot client retention as well as acquisition.  If a prospect of yours is not a good fit for Hubspot, I'd prefer to tell you upfront.  I also know that Hubspot customers have a higher chance of staying that way if they retain agency services - either outsourcing completely or at a minimum sharing the workload. I'm looking to make this a win all around - for your prospect, your agency, and Hubspot.

Now, if you suspect that I do come with a cost, even if not monetarily, you are correct.  Time is precious to me.  I will uncompromisingly ask you to register leads. I will also ask you to do homework on deals and provide me background. I'm going to ask you to have a thick skin and to be very diligent. 

I also expect responsive communication.  I will answer your email and voice mails almost always within 24 business hours or less.  I ask for the same courtesy.  Since I work on a forecast (and believe in doing so), I'm going to ask you for visibility around sales opportunities.  I might challenge you on steps that could, based on my experience, help you close more business and do it faster. 

Finally, and along those lines, I'm going to ask you to push back on me if I’m rubbing you the wrong way.  We may need to push each other and work through things on occasion.  I may also ask for your forgiveness if and when I make mistakes.

You are selling inbound services because you want to be successful and grow your firm. Ultimately I'm going to take my cues from you and the pace you want to work at. However, keep in mind, there are benefits to be had by working more together. I'd like to do more of it. 



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