A Sample Email for Introducing A New Agency Service...

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Recently, I guest blogged at the Collaborative Growth Network about Using Email to Introduce a New Agency Service - 5 Tips to Get Better Results. The tips included:

  • Use Positioning Statements

  • Make it Topical and Current

  • Include a Clear Call to Action

  • Don't Send it Until You've Left A Voice Mail and

  • Plan on a Sequence of Calls/Emails.

At the end of that post, I promised a complete sample email that follows the tips given. Here is that email. 

Sample Email for Introducing a New Agency Service

<<Hey Joe, 

Congrats on your recent recognition in the Springfield Business Journal about Smith Enterprise's excellent customer service. I know that you have created a company culture where excellent customer service is rewarded. It is great to see that you are being rewarded for it too!

I was also happy to see the news because I've been thinking about Smith recently. Lately, we've been working with clients who are frustrated that they're not getting more prospects finding them online. When we started working with them, their exact words were, "We do an amazing job for our clients. They love us. Our customer service and product quality is second to none. We're just not getting enough people finding us." 

I've been thinking a lot about our conversations last year, specifically your desire to grow your business. I'd love to reconnect and hear how things are going now - and share how things are going with us as well. 

Would you like to catch up? When would be a good time? 



Additional Thoughts

This is just one example of putting these practices into action.  Remember that even the most perfect email, when used alone, will almost always fail. It should be part of a larger sequence, including picking up the phone. An agency using a well orchestrated sequence of emails and calls will see its connection rates rise and its business grow.

Are there some emails/voice mails with which you've had great success when introducing new services? 

Photo Credit: Sean MacEntee


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