How to Sell Agency Services Using the Hubspot Competitors Report

Recently a Hubspot Partner marketing agency asked for a fuller explanation of how to use the Hubspot Competitors Report in the sales process.  We cover this topic at a high level in the Inbound Marketing Advanced Sales Training, but he was hoping to see how it really works in practice.

The Hubspot Competitors Report is one of my favorite tools in the sales process.  It helps to accomplish two very important things.  

- Number 1 - It helps to surface pain. Everyone, including a business owner, measures themselves against others.  If they are behind, and they have feelings about it, it usually comes out. 

- Number 2 - It frames a discussion about what activities are necessary to be successful with Inbound Marketing. 

In the recorded sales coaching call below, my colleague Jill Fratianne, Hubspot Channel Account Manager, and myself go through a mock Inbound Marketing Assessment (IMA) with a partner, who in this case is representing a business owner. In the call, we discuss the IMA and also go through using the Competitors Report to show how the business is doing, hear how the business owner feels about it, and make some suggestions for ways to improve.  

Please note that although the companies mentioned in the recording are real, there is no business relationship between them and anyone invovled on the call.  Any business details discussed are 100% fictitious.  The call starts in earnest at about the 2:00 minute mark. 

Do you use competitor information in your prospect calls?  How do you turn it into a story? What did you think of the call? 


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