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Why I Want to Spend More Time with Agencies that Target

1454278130_c3d0f87796As a Hubspot Channel Account Manager (and a human!), I only have so much time in a day. As we all do, I have choices about where to spend it. I'm involved in sales enablement, small group coaching, supporting a book of Hubspot Partners, speaking with prospective Hubspot partners, and of course, actually helping to sell Hubspot software


Targeting Lessons for Agencies from Trew Marketing


This morning I checked out a great episode of the Bright Ideas podcast from Trent Dyrsmid featuring Rebecca Geier of Trew Marketing. Trew is a B2B marketing agency focused on the scientific, engineering, and technical markets. The episode highlighted how focusing in on a niche helped Trew achieve extraordinary results.


Rate the Call - Exploratory Call Role Play


In the Successful Agency Selling Fundamentals (beta) series, we devote two sessions to Running a Top Notch Exploratory Call (consult your Hubspot CAM for series password). In the training, we provide a link to the video below, a 30 minute role play example.  Continue reading after the video...


What I Learned from Getting Sales Coached by @Rainmakermaker

rainmakermaklerA couple months ago, I was offered the opportunity to take part in group sales training to be led by Rick Roberge (@Rainmakermaker). For those of you that know Rick, you know he has trained several senior sales leaders at Hubspot including Pete Caputa, VP of Sales and Marketing, Jeetu Mahtani, Managing Director Hubspot Interntional, and Arjun Moorthy, VP of Channel Sales - three individuals whose sales skills I greatly respect.


Are you a Marketer First or Change Agent First? - Getting Clients to Really Produce Content

You are an Inbound Agency. Imagine for a second that each of your clients has sales people blogging, customer service people blogging, the CEO blogging, marketing blogging, and product teams blogging. take a look at your website. How many wildly successful case studies do you currently have listed?

Now think about if the scenario above held true, how many more would be there? How would this change your business? How would it change your client's business?



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