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Agency Targeting Tips from Marine Marketing Agency Fastlane

2014-11-19_10_17_39-FastlaneAs part of my initiative to spend more time with agencies that target, I recently spent time with Christopher Faust of Fastlane, a boutique strategic marketing and communications agency headquartered NYC. 

Fastlane is a leader in maritime marketing. They are the owner and moderator of the Maritime Network on Linkedin with over 100,000 members (the largest group of it's kind) and have such nameplate marine clients as AER Supply, Domestic Group, MasterVolt, My-Villages, Cruiseair,  ProMariner, McMurdo and others. 

Chris shared a few insights on how Fastlane has grown, including through targeting.


Why Agencies Need to Target for Long-Term Success

206730683_d09e9b3c8f_zMany agencies realize they need to focus on a niche to grow their business....but somewhere between conception and execution, they lose steam and go back to a less focused path.  

I've spoken recently on how an agency can target for success. In this post, I want to focus on why an agency must target for success. The three main reasons are below.  


Why I Want to Spend More Time with Agencies that Target

1454278130_c3d0f87796As a Hubspot Channel Account Manager (and a human!), I only have so much time in a day. As we all do, I have choices about where to spend it. I'm involved in sales enablement, small group coaching, supporting a book of Hubspot Partners, speaking with prospective Hubspot partners, and of course, actually helping to sell Hubspot software


Targeting Lessons for Agencies from Trew Marketing


This morning I checked out a great episode of the Bright Ideas podcast from Trent Dyrsmid featuring Rebecca Geier of Trew Marketing. Trew is a B2B marketing agency focused on the scientific, engineering, and technical markets. The episode highlighted how focusing in on a niche helped Trew achieve extraordinary results.


Rate the Call - Exploratory Call Role Play


In the Successful Agency Selling series, we devote two sessions to Running a Top Notch Exploratory Call. Below is a 30 minute Exploratory Call role play that hits many of the concepts referenced in the training. This was done by Hubspotter Corey Beale and I.

The format was very much on the fly - meaning this was like a typical call where I, as the agency rep, didn't know what was coming. Below the video, I've added notes where I break down the call section by section. Between about 14:00 and 25:00 on the recording we also do a live break down. Continue reading below the video...



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